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Everybody Has a Birthday!

And we love to help you celebrate yours or the one you love.  Since we first moved to the farm in 1999, I fondly remember some of our children’s birthday parties.  Our oldest are twins born on December 31.  One year our party included a hayride on a cold winter day while the bundled-up children took turns holding the new bunny rabbit we had just gotten for Christmas.  The night of 12-31-99 was a warm balmy evening as we looked to the launch of Y2K and we celebrated their birthday with friends as we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire in the back yard at midnight.  Our youngest and Milt have mid-October birthdays so one year I surprised them with a big birthday cake on Harvest Praise and we all sang to them.  They aren’t so fond of that kind of attention so I was told never to do that again!  HA!  But another year I did honor Milt with a large canvas aerial photograph of the farm as his present and he was greatly surprised and thrilled with that.

Birthday celebrations are fun and we have not only hosted our own family celebrations here but countless others.  There are some children in this community who had their party here for numerous years in a row.  We’ve hosted birthday parties for those turning 1 and those turning 60!  We have seen parents come with simple cupcakes and peanut butter sandwiches and we have seen Piñatas and the full Pinterest-inspired parties that put the rest of us to shame.  But each celebration is unique to that person and their families.  And each party is fun!

Birthday Parties are Great Fun at Christian Way Farm!

We provide the fun.  You provide your decorations, cake, ice cream and guests.  Your admission will include all the activities current to that season of the farm.  Your time on the farm is not limited.  (In the fall, the picnic area or fire pit area is limited to 2 hours).   The farm has much to offer for all ages, so it is a favorite for parties that include children and adults of all ages.  And the fun part?  The mess isn’t at your house!

Think we might be the spot for your party?  We try to make it simple.  We don’t do “packages”; instead we just let you customize your party as you wish.  We don’t want to charge a flat fee for a certain number of guests only for you to discover that half of your guest list failed to show up and didn’t let you know ahead of time.  So to make it easy, the following are our Birthday party guidelines (This seems like a lot, but we have tried to answer all the questions we get asked.)

Birthday Party Guidelines:  

  1. Call ahead to schedule your date and time.  The farm opens daily Monday – Saturday at 10 am.
  2. Estimate the number of guests you will have so we can determine how much picnic space you will need.
  3. Go to the barn/store upon arrival to the farm. We will direct you to your party spot and assist you with final instructions.
  4. All guests (age 2 and above) at your party must pay farm admission. You can determine if you are paying for all your guests or if some of them are paying for themselves.  If you are not paying for them, please instruct all of your guests to go through the barn/store to pay.
  5. You can pay for your guests at the end of the party when you see how many people actually arrive (that you are paying admission for). We will guide you on how when you arrive at the farm.
  6. Farm Pricing: $7.50* per person ages 2 and above.  If you are paying for 20 or more guests, your price will be $6.50* per person.  (That is the group price paid at the same time, it does not apply to guests who are paying for themselves).  Mini golf for guests is an additional $5.25* per person ages 5 and above.  4 and under are free with paying adult.
  7. Some people think that if they come to the farm and “aren’t going to do anything,” that they need not pay admission. Please respect the fact that we are not charging you a flat rate to host your party at the farm, but we are providing the setting for that event and as a result each person present should pay admission, no matter whether they are “playing” on the farm or not.  Please advise your guests of that fact before they come to the party.  It will be your responsibility to pay for those who do not pay.
  8. Fall birthday parties are in great demand. As a result,  for birthday parties in September and October,  there is a $20 fee to reserve up to 4 tables for 2 hours. (If you need more tables than that, we may require additional fees).    You may remain on the farm for longer than 2 hours, but in order to accommodate other groups, your time at the tables is limited to 2 hours.
  9. We have the option of fire pits that can be reserved for your event. There are picnic tables at those areas as well.  To reserve a fire pit and tables, the cost is $25.  (That price applies year round).  We will build the fire, supply ample firewood, and supply sticks for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows.
  10. Pumpkins are not included in birthday party pricing. However, we will work with you on pricing of pumpkins for your guests in the fall.  Please discuss that with Janie when you call to schedule your party.

*Prices edited 6/28/2018 to reflect rate increase on July 1, 2018.  Increase is due to change in Kentucky Sales Tax laws requiring sales tax on all admissions.  All prices on the farm include sales tax, so this increase is to accommodate this increase.


Please bring your cake/cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate your birthday person.  We can store those items in our café and freezers to secure until you are ready to use them.

DO NOT LEAVE ANY FOOD UNATTENDED.  Our cats and dogs roam freely and they love people food.  Their manners aren’t so nice as to leave that beautiful cake alone so protect it until you have celebrated with it!

You may bring food and drink to celebrate with your guests (No alcohol allowed).  Please bring in coolers as we probably cannot store any of that for you.


  • We offer Hunt Brothers Pizza & Wings/Wingbites. The full menu of all our food items is on our website.
  • If purchasing two or more pizzas the price is $10 per pizza. It is a 12 inch pizza making 8 slices.  There is no extra charge for multiple toppings.
  • We can have hot pizzas ready for you at a scheduled time for your party. We can also offer a pizza chip and drink option priced per person.
  • Please inquire about quantity pricing for any of the other items we carry.

Ready to Book Your Birthday Party? 

Call the farm (270.269.2434) and ask for Janie, or email us at ChristianWayFarm@gmail.com.

We look forward to making your celebrations special!