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Prayer Requests

Cast (put) all your anxieties (cares) on Him (Jesus) because He cares for you.

I Peter 5:7

Would you like to know that someone is praying with you and for you? God didn’t create us to do life alone and sometimes we need others praying for us as we walk this journey called life. Jesus spent time in prayer, including praying for His disciples and He continues to pray on our behalf before God the Father! Milt and I have felt the presence of God and seen His work in our lives because of those who have surrounded us in prayer. The farm is one example of the direct result of prayer! 

Praying doesn’t mean we change God’s mind and get Him to do what He wants. 

Praying means we reach out to the One Who loves us beyond measure and hears our hearts’ cry. 

Praying means strength for the journey and the assurance that God will answer in the way that gives Him the glory and is part of His good and perfect will. 

Praying means God hears us as we cry out for the needs of others and His compassion reaches out to us right where we need Him most. 

Praying means that we hear the Father and His plans for us! 

Praying means giving our anxieties to God because He cares for us! 

How can we pray for you? Praying daily is part of our mornings before we start the day on the farm. We pray for those who visit us on a regular basis, but we would be honored to pray for you for your specific need.

We may not always respond immediately to your request by email, but know that these requests will come straight to us and we promise to pray! When God answers your prayers and you have a story to tell us, please come back and tell us on here as well. There is no greater encouragement than to see God’s answer to prayers and to hear that His children have been encouraged by what He is doing! Then we can praise Him with you!

And know this–if you are at the farm and just need us to pray for you in person–don’t hesitate to ask. We will again be honored to pray with and for you! 


Milt and Janie