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Fall is soon here and is by far the busiest time of the year at Christian Way Farm, which means we are looking for the best help to give our guests a great experience on the farm.  It’s hard work, but as our staff will tell you, it’s fun and it’s rewarding.  In order to maintain the great experience the customers at CWF can count on, we are looking for the following characteristics and availability.  Please do not respond or call if you these qualifications don’t fit you!  

• Dependable:  When you are scheduled to work we need you here.  It’s a short but busy season, so your commitment is critical.  

• Enthusiastic and energetic:  We want you to be happy you are at work and ready to make it an enjoyable day for everyone around you!  Some days are long and full.  We need people who can hang with us!  

• Available:  Below are the time frames for the help we need.  If you cannot be available for some consistent portion of the times needed, please leave the job opportunity for someone else. 

• Responsible:  It’s a busy season with lots of customers and many children and often a fast paced environment.  We need some adults to balance out our team.  

• Pleasant:  Can you smile?  Can you make others feel welcome when they arrive at the farm?  We want you happy so our guests are happy!  

• Flexible:  One of the difficult parts of this fall season business is juggling around the weather, the unpredictable crowds or cancellations.  We work hard to work with everyone’s schedules but it means we need everyone to be flexible with us.  

Sounds like we need super heroes?  Yes we do!  Please apply!!  We might provide the cape!  (We will provide the training!)  

Positions Needed:

Café help:  Prepping pizza, burgers, hotdogs and other simple food items.  Essential skills are ability to help maintain a clean kitchen (some level of kitchen proficiency is a help), attention to accuracy in food orders and great customer service.  

Admission and store staff:  Greeting customers (smiles are required!)  Host/hostess role of describing farm activities to direct customers.  Keeping store items priced and stocked.  Cleaning and helping with all areas of customer service.  Flexibility to assist in the café is helpful.  


September & October Monday – Saturday.  Possible training and start time in late August.

Weekdays:  Daytime Starting around 8:30-9AM on most days. Through 2-4PM.  Ending time is somewhat flexible for Moms who need to be home for school children.  But 8:30-1:30 is necessary on days you would work.    Occasional afternoons and evenings would be great. You don’t have to be available every day—we try to stagger with our other staff.  

We potentially have need for the mid-afternoon to early evening shift as well, for at least a portion of Sept and October. 

The busiest two weeks of the season are the first two weeks of October, so being available during fall break is critical.  (Again, maybe we don’t need you every day, but decent portions of those two weeks is helpful).  

Saturdays:  Starting September 10 thru the Saturdays in October.  We try to stagger staffing so some come late and others come early to stagger leave times.  If someone is willing to commit to the entire 12 hours on Saturdays, we will consider that.  

Being available both weekdays and weekends is not absolutely required, but much preferred.  It’s just two months, so it’s a short season to work in a fun environment with a short time commitment.  

Benefits:  Fun environment.  Our customers are glad to be here.  You help make that happen and we appreciate you!  And if you love it, potential exists to start back with us in the spring!  

Homeschool parents:  This can be a possible job during the week for you if you have older children who can be responsible for themselves while you work.  Currently some of our Moms bring their older children/young teens to work with them.  We are glad for you to do that.  You have a responsible teen?  We can potentially put them to work while they are here with you.  

Pay to be discussed when we know your availability.  We will schedule for minimum of 4 hours if you are traveling a distance so that it’s worth your time to come to work.

To apply: