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Spring & Summer


A group tour typically takes 1.5 hours for the guided part of the tour, depending on the size of the group. Field trip groups are for groups of 15+ (people), if less please call to discuss the circumstances. You should allow extra time for playtime and for lunchtime. We try to schedule groups so that you have ample opportunity to play and time to enjoy the picnic area. Depending on the time of your tour, your playtime and/or lunchtime might occur before your tour. That can be discussed at the time your tour is scheduled.

Spring Tour – Lunchbox Garden

un for all ages, join us to learn about how the farmer grows the food you eat.  Whether it’s tending to the crops, growing fruits & vegetables, or raising healthy animals, there’s so much to learn about what you’ll find inside your lunchbox!

Our hands-on, on-the-farm learning program is perfect for all ages. Each group will experience an interactive story time as we gather ingredients from the farm for our lunchbox favorites – grind wheat, dig potatoes, and harvest peanut butter* and jelly ingredients.  Bottle feed the baby calves, feed the other animals, gather eggs, explore the farm on a tractor/wagon ride, and so much more! Each child that participates in our Lunchbox Garden program will get to plant seeds in a peat pot to take home to watch a watermelon grow.  All of our hands-on activities are adult-supervised, and we encourage parent participation.

*caution exercised to avoid allergy contact

  • Hands on story time
  • Plant and water seeds
  • Tractor wagon ride
  • Bottle feed baby calves
  • Feed and pet other animals
  • + more!

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At Christian Way Farm, we don’t just grow food, we grow stories. We will talk about the history of our theme food and the ingredients that farmers grow for that food. As part of the story, we look for lessons in the garden that encourage us to make positive choices in our lives.



We will take you into the garden and let you helpus plant seeds or plants according to the garden schedule.


We will go to the garden and either plant a late crop or begin harvesting the crops planted by our earlier visitors.


Travel around the farm as we visit farm animals at another barn.


We will help each person plant seeds (usually pumpkin or sunflower seeds) in a small container to grow in their backyard.


We will go to the garden and either plant a late crop or begin harvesting the crops planted by our earlier visitors.


Picnic areas are available for your use. Visitors may bring their own food or purchase food from the Christian Way Cafe. Sodas, bottled water, lemonade and snack food are available for purchase.


No trip to Christian Way Farm is complete without playtime—corn trucks, lawnmower train, hay castle (fall only), tricycle track, giant Jenga and giant Scrabble, Gaga ball, a full playground, and plenty of open space for free play – is something you can expect anytime you visit us in Hopkinsville. The corn truck will be available for children to play in like a giant sandbox. We encourage removing shoes as one steps into the corn box or your shoes will be full of corn!

There are ample areas for playing ball or other games teachers may want to do to encourage expending energy. We keep a supply of balls available for our visitors’ use. The tricycle track will be available as well as a small swing set for our youngest visitors.

There really is something to do for all ages, adults and kids alike, when you visit us!