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Sensory play is important for infants, toddlers and young children as they develop. Exercising the senses of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste as well as movement, balance and spatial awareness can help a child learn and grow.

At Christian Way Farm, our entire experience is sensory play! Whether you’re experiencing the weather – hot, bright sun or cool breezes through your hair – or you’re hearing the moo of the cows or purrs of our newest litter of kittens, every experience your little one will have at Christian Way Farm engages multiple senses.

Sensory play helps with fine motor skills that use small muscle groups, gross motor skills that are developed by running and jumping, language skills that develop through exposure to experiences, cognitive growth as your child figures out how things work, and social development as play happens with others.


Pet the animals. Feel the corn as you scoop it up. Feel how heavy the bottle is to feed the calf. Shell an ear of corn. Take off your shoes & feel the grass. Feel the movement of the corn grinding in to the bucket. Sense how smooth the eggs are in the chicken coop. Is the sheep softer than the goat’s fur? There are so many ways to engage the sense of touch during your visit to Christian Way Farm.


See how big the momma goat is compared to her babies? Can you find the brown truck? The clouds are out today, it’s fun to see their different shapes as they move by. Look at the different colors of flowers! Do you see the rooster? Let’s play a game of I Spy! See if you can see the light from one end to the next when you crawl through the playground tunnel. Farm fun can be seen at every turn!


Can you smell the pizza coming out of the oven? The fresh air is so refreshing to take in a deep breath. Shoo wee, that’s quite a smell coming out of the pig pen! Don’t the flowers smell nice today? Farm life has many different smells to experience. During our field trips, children will get to experience even more as we have our farm to table programming.


When the cow moos, it says “hello!”. Do you hear your new friends talking on the playground? The tractor is humming in the distance. I can hear the chugging of the lawnmower train! The farmer calls out to the dog. The corn being ground makes a funny sound, doesn’t it? You’ll hear so much during your visit to Christian Way Farm.


Apple nachos, pizza and wings (and so much more!) are available to taste when you visit Christian Way Farm. The cool drinks from the case or the warm hot chocolate over the fire at night taste great after you’ve been playing. There’s the occasional mud that’s sampled, but mom & dad would prefer you not. Taste is another sense your little one will have fun with at Christian Way Farm.

Feeding Farm Animals at Christian Way Farm & Mini Golf

Parents often tell us that the farm is a great place for their child with sensory challenges. The wide open spaces make it so that loud noises aren’t a distraction to their play. While there is plenty to see, touch, smell, taste and hear – you can pick and choose what is best for your child’s experience.

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