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Join us for our 2024 Opening Day on March 30, 2024, as well as our Easter Egg Hunt! In addition to our regular farm fun, all day we will hide eggs throughout the farm and then give your child a bucket to use to gather them. Return the bucket of eggs to the store and receive a package of goodies to take home. It’s a great day of fun for everyone!

Bring your kids to come pet and feed the farm animals, play a round of mini golf, take a spin on the lawnmower train or race a tricycle.  Enjoy Hunt Brothers pizza and wings (and more!) in the Christian Way Cafe, play on the playground, shop in the country store, challenge a friend in a game of Gaga ball, or just enjoy the wide-open space on our farm to run and play.

Click here to find out more about Christian Way hours and admission.

Visit us Monday – Saturday starting at 10 AM.

Christian Way Cafe will be open so that food is available for purchase during your visit. Please visit https://christianwayfarm.com/cafe/ for our menu. Visit us Mondays – Saturdays starting at 10 AM.

Event information subject to change.

Easter Egg Hunt FAQ

  • What time does the Easter Egg Hunt begin?

    • Our Easter egg hunt begins at 10 AM and goes until 6 PM. Just stop in the store when you arrive, pick up your bucket, and begin your hunt all over the farm! Once they have finished hunting eggs, the children bring them to the country store and in return, we send them home with some goodies! We hide and re-hide the eggs throughout the day, so no matter the time you visit, there will be eggs to hunt.
  • What ages can come to the Easter Egg Hunt?

    • All ages! From kids of all ages to the kids at heart, there is something for everyone to enjoy on the farm.  Because our Easter Egg Hunt does not start and end at a certain time, there is no competition to gather the most eggs, which ends up being perfect for new walkers, or even crawlers!  For the older kids, it’s an adventure to find eggs atop our farm equipment or near the farm animals.
  • My child is under 2 years old.  Can they still hunt?

    • Yes.  Their admission is still free and we will try to provide a special bag of treats for our toddler age children.
  • How old is too old? 

    • We allow children up through elementary ages that would like to participate.  We encourage the older children to leave the “easy” eggs for the little ones and look for the harder-to-find eggs.  If your older child just loves the egg hunt process, we might even ask them to help us re-hide the eggs. It’s an on-going process!   
  • My child has special needs.  Does Christian Way Farm accommodate?

    • We have had parents tell us in the past that our relaxed atmosphere for the Easter Egg Hunt makes it perfect for their child with special needs to participate.  Other than the occasional bray from the donkeys or the chug of the lawnmower train, the farm is a fairly quiet place to visit with few loud noises to startle. We also have dirt paths and grassy areas that can be accessed by wheelchair.  If you’ve never visited, we encourage you to call us at 270-269-2434 if you have any concerns about what your child’s experience will be on the farm.
  • What is the cost to do the Easter Egg Hunt?

    • The Easter Egg Hunt is included with your admission price to the farm. Please visit our Pricing page for full details on pricing.