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Let’s Grow A Cookout – Spring Group Tours

Christian Way Farm Group Tour

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It’s the time of year that we are fielding phone calls from teacher, youth groups and other groups (of all ages!). We’re now scheduling our groups for Christian Way Farm & Mini Golf’s Let’s Grow A Cookout.

Grind wheat for the bun, gather ketchup, mustard, mayo, and pickle ingredients, make potato chips from a freshly dug potato, find s’mores in the garden and so much more. Embrace your students in the engineering design of how food comes from the farm to the table. Christian Way Farm’s hands-on “Let’s Grow a Cookout” program teaches from growing wheat to the life cycle of a watermelon- and everything it takes in between to grow the ingredients for a cookout!

Learn more and read full details by visiting our Let’s Grow A Cookout Spring group tour page.  Give us a call at 270-269-2434 to learn more or to schedule your group.

Education for All Ages

Our hands-on, on-the-farm learning program is perfect for all ages. Each group will experience an interactive story time as we gather ingredients from the farm for our favorite cookout foods, grind wheat, dig potatoes and harvest condiment and s’more ingredients. Bottle feed the baby calves, feed the other animals, gather eggs, explore the farm on a tractor/wagon ride and so much more. Each child that participates in our Let’s Grow a Cookout program will get to plant seeds in a peat pot to take home to watch a watermelon grow. All of our hands-on activities are adult-supervised. Here’s what you could expect for each age group as we tailor your experience based on lesson plans, age, and interests.  Our group tours are perfect for educational field trips, or stay and play for a fun merit day out on the farm!

[one-third-first]Group Tours for Preschoolers and First Grade Field Trips[/one-third-first]
[one-third]Group Tours for Second and Third Grade Field Trips[/one-third]
[one-third]Group Tours for Fourth Graders, Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade Field Trips[/one-third]

Schedule Your Group – Call 270-269-2434