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June 29 – Let’s Grow a Cookout!

When you visit us on Saturday, June 29, you’re in for extra AGventure! Grind wheat for the bun, gather ketchup, mustard, mayo, and pickle ingredients, make potato chips from a freshly dug potato, find s’mores in the garden and so much more. Kids and adults alike will enjoy our hands-on program learning how food comes from the farm to the table. RSVP to christianwayfarm@gmail.com by June 20 to secure your spot. This special program usually reserved for groups is being offered to our guests free with their admission to the farm on Saturday, June 29.
Christian Way Farm’s hands-on “Let’s Grow a Cookout” program teaches from growing wheat to the life cycle of a watermelon- and everything it takes in between to grow the ingredients for a cookout!
Saturday, June 29 Schedule of Events (included with regular farm admission):
10 AM – Christian Way Farm opens
10:30 AM – Let’s Grow a Cookout program begins
12:00 PM on – Stay for lunch (available for purchase at Christian Way Cafe) or to play on the farm all day!
The farm closes at dark, but we invite you to stay until 10 PM to play farm themed mini golf under the lights.
For full program details, including a breakdown of what each age group may enjoy most about the program, visit https://christianwayfarm.com/lets-grow-a-cookout/ 
Christian Way Cafe Menu: https://christianwayfarm.com/cafe/
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